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Fine Art Storage

fine_art_shipping1The Storage, Handling and Shipping of Works of Art is a niche division within Bonded Services. With specially trained personnel who understand the value and historical importance of fine art we are able to offer a customized service to help move, store and manage your collections. We store, pack, crate and ship paintings, sculpture, prints, antiques as well as contemporary and decorative furniture.

Our existing customers include museums, galleries, institutions, designers, realtors and both private and corporate collections. We offer temperature and humidity-controlled facilities with the latest technology in fire prevention and protection. You can be assured that your assets are protected and secured to ensure they will be around and appreciated by future generations. We work tirelessly to provide flawless environments to look after your assets at all times.

With a global distribution network you can rely on Bonded Services.For more information please visit: http://www.fineartship.com/

Fine Art Shipping

All of our worldwide storage facilities are fully secured and tightly managed making us a great partner to store and move your precious possessions. Secure private rooms can be provided for your collection and we can ship on-demand throughout the world as required. From big sculptures and small works of art to delicate family heirlooms we can safeguard it all. Insurance can be arranged upon request.
For more information please visit: http://www.fineartship.com/