• Digital Asset Management

digital_asset_managementBonded Digital Services has developed an efficient all-digital asset preservation process, which manages stores and helps you to monetize your assets.

Central areas include:

  • Film checking
  • Searching-simple “Google Search Style” presenting relevant results, which can be filtered to further refine users’ search needs
  • Metadata filtering/sorting-via thumbnails, video/audio files associated with the record
  • Metadata and content display-full and low resolution proxy renditions for download and stream as needed, selected metadata fields are customized
  • User permission structure-mapped to selective permissions and inherited permissions based on level of security that is authorised.

The services we typically include are database configurations and schema design including the mapping to metadata fields within the new database created. Our systems do not have limitations on users or expensive licensing needs.
Bonded Digital also offers scalable digital storage onsite, COLA, to large global datacentres and cloud storage providers including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.