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propsWe appreciate props and production equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Bonded provides Prop and large assets storage solutions that allows you to store and manage a variety of production assets from costumes to sets and fake rocks.

Our dedicated team will organise the transport, packaging, storage and return of all props from either the studio or off-site location. When we receive your assets into our warehouse if required we will re-pack, wrap and palletise your assets and create an inventory listing to ensure they are available for prompt return if required.

Production Equipment

production_equipmentAs technology evolves and production kit becomes obsolete many companies are faced with the challenging decision of what to do with once specific kit it is no longer part of the standard daily work-flow. While often it may not be required daily it does not mean that it will never be needed either as a standalone piece of equipment or to be used for parts which are no longer available.

Old production kit takes up a significant footprint either in your studios, edit suites or offices. Bonded Services offers a unique storage solution, we will collect, transport, wrap and store your unused production kit in our London warehouse ensuring it is available if required for future use.